Why a Flying House?


When one tries to think of the best possible material object to own, a few things spring to mind... A house, a yacht, a private jet, and a luxury car. The concept of the flying house combines all of them together. Building it is only logical. FHP is not only an awareness raising organization to promote and educate about the sheer hedonistic luxury that is a flying house. It is also a scientific interdisciplinary think tank where we integrate the latest findings in heavier than air flight to eventually attempt a prototype.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Futuristic Transport Airship

Here we cover some high tech 21st century airships meant for transport, heavy duty lifting, and industrial - agricultural use rather than simple playboy luxury.

Decline of suburban living presents many difficulties for United States. Airships provide a solution when it comes to helping deconstruct, salvage, and reuse building materials from the sprawl to build more compact cities of the future. They also provide cheap mass transport of people and supplies for those populations who remain in that inefficient residential arrangement.

Compared to large electric automated buses, robotic airships travel directly from point A to point B much fasterprovide more comfortable spacious sitting room, and don't expand as much energy on friction with solid ground. Since construction of MagLev trains to the increasingly impoverished and elderly suburban residents wont happen (it'll just subsidize the inefficiency), we're left with air routes by default. It is also possible to combine a mini automated vertical farm with an agricultural airship to provide fresh produce to areas that need it. Perhaps even mobile air hospitals to give very isolated communities annual check ups all at once.

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