Why a Flying House?


When one tries to think of the best possible material object to own, a few things spring to mind... A house, a yacht, a private jet, and a luxury car. The concept of the flying house combines all of them together. Building it is only logical. FHP is not only an awareness raising organization to promote and educate about the sheer hedonistic luxury that is a flying house. It is also a scientific interdisciplinary think tank where we integrate the latest findings in heavier than air flight to eventually attempt a prototype.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Flying Cars Lead to Flying Houses Stylistically

The early flying houses will be in the form of high tech sustainable airships and taking a flying car from them will often be less energy intensive than landing the whole house

Here at the flying house project, we haven't forgotten about the flying car. At this point we've all been waiting  for them for so long that when they arrive (in affordable, safe, and mass produced form), it'll be rather anticlimactic. However, latest flying car designs can make us think about the aerodynamic stylishness of flying house architecture in general. The shapes of less realistic far future antigravity cars can come in handy when thinking about the luxury Art Deco/"iPhone of the sky" nature of the house.

Compare the above styles to more realistic flying cars already existing or in the works below. We see that above are much more compatible with luxury airships and Zeppelins of the 21st century.


  1. Early 1920s:

  2. I have been a fan of Moller Flying Car from the first I saw them in the back of a Popular Science Magazine back in the 70's. There have been so many innovations since then I'm have to say I'm surprised and a little disappointed we do not have production models on the market.

    1. I agree Doug. I’ve been watching him since I was a child. It’s a sad story, really. He devoted his entire life to that project.

  3. Flying World https://kupoldoma.nethouse.ru/page/1429854